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We are vintage watch fanatics! As an international dealer of the rarest, as well as most beautiful and precious timepieces from Rolex and Patek Philippe, we will give you a comprehensive service you can trust.


As connoisseurs of the best vintage watches, we search, choose and globally evaluate for you - whether in auctions, fairs, exhibitions or private meetings.

Doesn't matter if you are a passionate collector or see the vintage watch world as a investment opportunity - through our profound knowledge and enormous network, we are able to locate the best and nicest vintage timepieces for you. We take on the entire buying and selling process with professional commitment. Communication as well as the whole process is trustworthy and discreet.


Trustful and discreet Handling

Authenticity and valuation check

Evaluation of watches

Support by Auctions

Comprehensive Consulting

Clever Investment

Increasing opportunities

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